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About Us

  Shanghai pavilion shun silk technology development Co., LTD., the original affiliate Shanghai silk science and technology research institute, with scientific research, development and production into one entity department. In recent years due to the system reform continuously deeply, the company also then stripped of as a stand-alone research and production entity. Have 10 years of research and development, production and operation experience, developed a number of different kinds and use of all kinds of hot melt adhesive line, hot melt silk products, and has the industrialization production capacity. Products are widely used in composite materials increase fabric weave the fixed and veneer flat-fell seam and other fields, and products to meet the customer''s final demand for the goal, and make product quality tends to be perfect for the purpose of the enterprise .

     Shanghai TingShun Silk Science & Technology Development Corp.Ltd was a department of scientific research,development and production affiliated to Shanghai Silk Science & Technology Institute. Our company has become a independent business entity with the continuous deepening of economic system reform. We managed to develope different kinds of  hot melt adhesive coated yarns(hot melt glue thread) with various families,applications and qualities based on our more than 10 years experience of researches and productions. We have professional production capacity. Our products have been widely used in some special area, such as the fastness function in weaving composite-material-reinfoced-fabric and putting the wooden sheet together.  We set achieving client''''s final requirements as our goal, and pursue best products quality as guideline!


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